Jets don’t have a consensus as to quarterback, yet

Three weeks ago today, the Jets jumped three spots in round one, from No. 6 to No. 3. They presumably are looking for a quarterback. As explained by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets still haven’t settled on which one they want.

The chatter during the league meetings in Orlando was that the Jets want Baker Mayfield. Mehta recently explained that some within the organization have concerns about Mayfield’s height. While other quarterbacks on the short end of the spectrum have thrived from Fran Tarkenton to Doug Flutie to Drew Brees to Russell Wilson success without the ability to see over the scrum of linemen requires, among other things, great anticipation and flawless footwork.

Credit an adjustment to his stance — he minimized a leg kick he exhibited during the early stages of spring training and instead is now utilizing more of a toe-tap in his swing — for Ohtani’s improvement, and while his to-date hitting rates are obviously unsustainable, he looks like an unexpectedly handy contributor with the bat. Chances are, his weaknesses will likely be on pitches on the inner third of the plate, especially breaking balls, where his amount of patience will ultimately determine how streaky a hitter he’ll be. Ohtani’s power, though, sure looks legitimate, and it’s probably unfair to assume he’ll sport a whiff rate of 30-plus percent come season’s end.

The Cowboys used the franchise tag on Lawrence and signed Ealy to a one-year deal.

“We’re excited about Kony,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “We spent a lot of time on him coming out in the draft. We visited with him a lot, and we worked him out. He was one of those players we had targeted. At the time, we traded up for DeMarcus Lawrence and that worked out well for us. Kony went to Carolina and had a good career, very impactful in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. We think he’s a good, young player with a lot of potential. We’re going to bring him in here.

“One of the things we try to do with our team is promote competition at every position. That really is the reason for the decisions that we made in the offseason, to create a competitive environment at every position across the position. We feel like that brings out the best in everybody.”

Ealy, 26, has 15 sacks in the regular season in his career. But he has five in five postseason games, including three in the Super Bowl loss to the Broncos to end the 2015 season.

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