MLBPA files grievance against Pirates, A’s, Marlins and Rays

The Major League Baseball Players Association filed a grievance to the MLB against four teams to find out why some teams aren’t spending more money.

According to a report from the Tampa Bay Times, the union is claiming the teams in question — the A’s, Marlins, Pirates and Rays — failed to comply with rules on how they spend the revenue-sharing money during the 2017 season and the current offseason.

“We also have made significant investments in scouting, signing amateur players, our player development system and our baseball facilities. It is regrettable and that the MLBPA would react to a free agent market that is apparently not to its liking by filing a frivolous grievance against a Club that has continued to invest heavily in all areas of its Baseball Operations notwithstanding steadily diminishing revenue sharing receipts.” reported Sunday that the Red Sox are not worried about Martinez’s current health, but the exam revealed a problem that might arise down the road. The 30-year-old outfielder suffered a sprained ligament in his foot last year, and battled an elbow injury the season before. He’s missed 85 games the past two seasons.

The Boston Globe had a similar take on the situation Saturday, noting that the Red Sox were just looking to protect themselves with terms of the contract, and that Martinez is expected to join the club soon.

Martinez hit 45 home runs, with a 1.066 OPS, last season between the Tigers and Diamondbacks.

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