Rams:It’s hard not to love what Los Angeles has built with its aggressive offseason additions – at least for the short term.

He knows what’s expected of him and now it’s up to him. That, in turn, seemingly led to Monday’s report that Beckham won’t step foot on a football field in 2018 without the new contract he’s consistently made clear he feels he’s earned (no prizes for guessing from where this story leaked). Beckham is seeking either to be the NFL’s highest-paid player, a near-impossible goal considering Kirk Cousins just pushed the ceiling to $30 million per season, or to earn around a reported $20 million annually, a much more realistic target considering his youth, production, and the fact receiver salaries have boomed in recent years.

Kiper also said this of Allen back in February: You have to look beyond the stats, Kiper Jr. said. Stats are for losers in my opinion in a lot of ways. The kid won.

Yet the same standard does not exist in his world when it comes to Jackson, who actually had a better record during the same period of time than Allen did, from 2016-17.

The comments about accuracy not mattering are also quite interesting, because Kiper also said the following about Lamar Jackson, whom he is not high on whatsoever.

The 37-year-old previously played in New Orleans from 2013-2015. He enjoyed the best season of his career with Drew Brees in 2015, compiling 825 yards on 74 receptions with six touchdowns.

Eagles: The best team in the NFL got better, and with Carson Wentz eventually getting healthy, there’s no reason to expect a drop-off.

Texans: They looked unstoppable when Deshaun Watson was under center and healthy, and a potent defense should keep Houston poised for a deep run.

Patriots:I actually don’t feel great about this – and could see the Steelers here – but until Belichick and Brady give me a reason not to include the Pats in lists like these, I’m sticking with them.

Yesterday, Schefter mentioned during an appearance on Golic and Wingo that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants traded Beckham Jr before this year’s draft.

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